Serenity Duo Waterglass Vase Gift Set


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Enjoy the light reflecting off this pair of stunning master artisan-blown Serenity Waterglass Vases fashioned in the image of water. The duo, our Classic and Bud Vases, make an especially beautiful set, each with a Signature Susan Dunn Waterdrop etched to perfection on their faces. Paired together or placed in different locations, these two water-inspired friends hold their own and make statements of joy and provide pleasure. Choose from four equally marvelous colors and embellish your sanctuary in style. Anniversaries and weddings, this gift will set itself apart.

  • Includes one master artisan-blown Serenity Classic Waterglass Vase with a Signature Waterdrop etched on the face.
  • Includes one master artisan-blown Serenity Waterglass Bud Vase with a Signature Waterdrop etched on the face.
  • The Set is available in Original Clear and stunning colors including Sapphire, Emerald, and Amber.
  • An impressive Susan Dunn Seal is hand-embossed on each vase base.
  • The Serenity Duo Vase Set is encased in Signature Aqua Foam, secured in our Signature Gift Box, and tied with Signature Ribbon.

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